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Partners by rekit
Let’s start with the obvious; the models and their positions bring to mind the image of the yin yang of Chinese philosophy equal but opposite forces that complement each other. It also reminds of the queens from a deck of playing cards that is if the image is rotated 180 degrees it’s the same thing.

As for the quality of the photograph itself the lighting is quite good, many clumsy photographers over or under light their models but this particular piece has enough lighting to pick up all the details of the texture and surface of the skin of each model.

As for the image that it brings to the mind of a man, it presents two women together which, for most men at least, is always something that seems to captivate attention.

The only area where the artist could improve may be to select two models with very different skin tones to put more emphasis on the yin yang aspect assuming that was the original intention.
Mature Content II by FlexDreams
First of all the artwork itself is very well done, it is well lit and well made, photographed and the practical effect used to make the model's thighs disappear is very good.

What I like is the meaning of the art. Perhaps mature content means that there is sex involved and it has been removed which would make it a comment on censorship. Or perhaps the art means you would see what is under the model's skirt if you were mature, but since it isn't there it means the viewer is immature. Or because the model is dressed like a teenager it could mean that she is being prevented from exposing herself for her own good.

Whatever the meaning it is simple and effective.
Who Will You Be Tonight? by thefreshdoodle
The artwork itself is very well done, great attention to detail, everything is in correct proportion, good perspective, lighting and shading and you've avoided bright colours which obviously don't suit Batman.

You've based Wayne and Pennyworth on Bale and Caine, but you've modified them to make them more generic (Bale is not as tall as Caine) and I notice Wayne also resembles Michael Keaton a little.

What I like most is the double meaning behind the art, it's still Bruce Wayne in every version but he can be a "different" person based on what costume he's wearing similar to how Batman becomes a different character when different film makers take a different approach to the character.


Happy Birthday Roboto
United Kingdom
Hello friends, I'm not really an artist, merely a lover of art, in particular the art of all the good people here on deviantART. I've filled my galleries with some doodles I've made in my spare time, they're not nearly as good as the work of the real artists here but I hope they amuse you. :)

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